Board of Directors & Committees

The Board of Directors, guided by the Cherokee Garden Condominium Homes, Inc. (The Association) By-Laws, is responsible for the management of The Association's property and business. The Board conducts open meetings the 3rd Monday of every month at the Clubhouse starting at 6:30pm - residents are welcome to attend!

These Board responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Create and manage Association budget

  • Establish and reserve funds for repair and maintenance of Association property

  • Collect and assess fees (condo fees) to insure consistent monthly cash flow to meet expenses

  • Set up and oversee the various Board committees including: Building and Grounds, Building Resources, Long Range Planning, Orientation, Personnel, Policy and Rules, and Pool.

  • Acquire adequate insurance for the Association

  • Set and oversee rules and regulations.

The nine-member board meets informally after the annual meeting to nominate and select officers for President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, and committee chairs.  With the exception of new board members who have not previously served on committees, all board members shall take at least one officer position or committee chair. 

CGCH Board Members...

  • Take an active role in carrying out the duties of the Board while representing the interests of the members of the Association

  • Attend at least 80% of the monthly meetings

  • Chair at least one committee for at least 2 years during each 3-year term

  • Are a member of at least one committee at all times

For a more complete list of Board responsibilities, please refer to The Association By-Laws. Read on below for a description of the responsibilities of the committees and their chairs.

2021 - 2022 Board of Directors:


Jerry Paulson


Sunset in the Woods

Michael LaForest

Vice President, Building Resources Committee Chair

Stalks of Wheat

Paul Hartwig


Calm Sea

Gretchen Wahl


Pampas Grass

Personnel Committee Chair, Orientation Committee Co-Chair

Lynn Levy


Pool Committee Chair, Orientation Committee Co-Chair

Jackie Bowe

Cold Mountians

Policy & Rules Committee Chair

Ron McKinley

Grass and Flowers

Buildings & Grounds Committee Chair

Jannis Goodnow


Long Range Planning Committee Chair

Rick Griggs

Cherokee Garden Committees:


There are eight committees, each chaired by a member of the Association's Board of Directors.  A description of the committees and their chairs and members for 2020-2021 is listed below. To contact a committee chair or member by phone, check your copy of the Cherokee Garden Condominium Directory.

Building Resource Committee

Michael LaForest, Chair

The goal of the Building Resource Committee is to assist unit owners with the restoration, remodeling, and refurbishing of the common areas within their buildings to maintain an attractive environment and property value. The committee has set remodeling standards to ensure quality and durability.  The committee works with unit owners and the general manager for those building that need or desire common area upgrades.  The committee meets about six times a year.


Building & Grounds Committee

Jannis Goodnow, Chair

Committee members work with the general manager to discuss and evaluate potential, upcoming, or needed projects to preserve the quality and integrity of the buildings and grounds.  Committee members meet monthly and on an ad hoc basis.  Committee members respond to suggestions from the general manager, residents and the board.  The committee makes recommendations to the board for approval.


Long Range Planning Committee

Dave Lewke, Chair

The Long Range Planning Committee determines the likely expenses for obtaining and maintaining items to meet known operational needs for the next 20 years. This includes the following: water heaters, boilers, pools, roads, awnings, pond pumps and liners, siding, doors, water softeners, gutters and downspouts, maintainance equipment, clubhouse, fire alarms and dryer vents. Usually these estimates are done for all 41 buildings and both pools. The information is used to help assure that necessary budgeted funds will be available.


Northside Planning Council & Community Liaison

The Northside Planning Council Committee provides a representative to interact with various Northside/Madison committees. These committees include Northside Planning Council, Northside United, Madison Parks Commission, etc. This representative then provides the Cherokee Board with feedback concerning meeting topics, discussions, decisions, etc.


Orientation Committee

Lynn Levy & Jackie Bowe, Co-Chairs

The Orientation committee organizes and leads orientation meetings with new residents and board members as needed, usually twice a year. 


Personnel Committee

Jerry Paulson, Chair

The functions of the Personnel Committee include, but are not limited to, working with the General Manager to:

  • Draft and/or revise personnel policies for Board approval

  • Review job descriptions

  • Establish a salary structure and annually review staff salaries

  • Review staff benefit package

  • Establish and Review various other personnel issues as needed


Policy & Rules Committee

Jackie Bowe, Chair

The Policy and Rules Committee reviews:

  • Questions regarding the rules as referred to the committee by the Board. 

  • Works with the General Manager and residents to resolve problems between neighbors.

  • Recommends updates to the board.


Pool Committee

Paul Hartwig, Chair

The pool committee reviews and makes recommendations to the board regarding the maintenance of pools as well as handling resident questions and problems.